True Norwegian Black Metal – Part 2

CLICK HERE FOR PART 3: Click Here for Part 4 – Click Here for Part 5 – Click Here for Part 1 – We went to Norway to interview Gaahl, lead singer of the band Gorgoroth. Gaahl really believes in this whole ideology behind what he’s doing—he’s not just some rockstar fronting a band. The thing with Black Metal is, in Norway, everybody is exactly the same. There’s nothing to rebel against, because everybody’s really well off. It’s one of the richest …

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  1. tomatowings says:

    too bad so many people actually think satanic music uses “satan” in the same way that the christian church does. NO satanist believes in the bible satan. maybe if you even cracked open the satanic bible you’d understand.

  2. Tehinke says:

    The people on the crosses are alive, the sheep on the poles were dead.
    A friend of mine worked naked on a cross last year.

  3. scottjns6 says:

    these are the best comments on you tube

  4. NakedShooter says:

    They take themselves rather seriously for a band that got their name from the LOTR mythology…

  5. Gatamorgana says:

    faith was invented by men to stop everybody else to keep asking things about their God. Religion is obsolete for men, but useful for rulers, and the most powerful ruler is the Pope.

  6. moome1649 says:

    cool how much do they get paid standing naked with bags on their heads :D haha \,,/ awesome

  7. norwegianMRV says:

    Bergen rule!

  8. bucketsofdoom says:

    That’s AMON AMARTH

    they’re melodic death metal and have nothing to do with this.

    And dont tell me I’m wrong, cuz I’m not. the Name Amon Amarth is Sindarin. Sindari is an elven dialect in LOTR the name is Sindarin for “Mount Doom”

  9. NakedShooter says:

    I know about Amon Amarth, but Gorgoroth is also a name from LOTR. It’s a valley in Mordor, South of Mt. Doom.

  10. bucketsofdoom says:

    *nods* Yes, I did some research after posting the comment. You’re totally right

    I apologize.

  11. NakedShooter says:

    Np lol, honest mistake

  12. besmb2105 says:

    Most of the BM bands from Norway, has some name rooted in norse mythology or The Lord Of The Rings, if I am not mistaken.

    Burzum – Lord of The Rings

    Darkthrone – Lord of the rings

    Those are the bands that I am sure of.

  13. 7RoseDawson7 says:

    I don’t think you can take the black metal image of Satan as what Satanists actually believe. It’s just a caricature.

  14. WartoothisGod says:

    Gorgoroth is an area in Mordor (LoTR)
    Shagrat was an Orc Captain in LoTR
    (Count) Grishnakh was an orc from LoTR

  15. asegh9uhiu4wt says:

    whats the song at the beginning?

  16. br0kencyd3f4n says:

    black metal sucks dick. listen to real catchy music like brokencyde

  17. bardybeard says:

    you ever think that maybe lotr is based on some older mythologies?

  18. WartoothisGod says:

    Of course it is, I was just posting a few more examples to someone who showed a few examples of LoTR-derives names.

  19. bauerhorstbg says:

    amon amath is also from lotr
    but tolkien take this names from the edda

  20. D4rkBL1zz42d says:

    to be honest only satanists on this world are christians. christianity is the true anti human anti life ideology. black metalheads are good guys to be honest, christians destroyed this world, not “satanists”
    most of black metalheads are pagans.

  21. corpsegrinder676 says:

    i agree, i read the unholy bible, its more plesant then cristans

  22. imskd says:

    Carving a Giant – Gorgoroth

  23. Piwieshootsyou says:

    the town is not called espedal. It’s espedal valley

  24. MetalMusicProvider says:

    no way its that fucking broken thing homo,damn dont you get tired dude,i saw your shitty comments on a megadeth video,if you dont like metal no one cares and no one likes that brokencyde bullshit,its a bunch of fat kids and emos and chicks playing rap..just shut up and get the fuck out of here faggot

  25. alex65jc says:


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