True Norwegian Black Metal – Part 3

FOR PART 4 CLICK: Click Here for Part 5 – Click Here for Part 1 – Click Here for Part 2 – We went to Norway to interview Gaahl, lead singer of the band Gorgoroth. Gaahl really believes in this whole ideology behind what he’s doing—he’s not just some rockstar fronting a band. The thing with Black Metal is, in Norway, everybody is exactly the same. There’s nothing to rebel against, because everybody’s really well off. It’s one of the richest …

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  1. aserepovucu says:

    Filmed tight brunette takes it anal

  2. judas666iscariot says:

    i think satan have just killed 20 or less persons in this world but god killed so manny, so many that you can consider it as a anihilation god is not mercy god has no mercy god is not good but god he is sadistic and he doesnt cares about you
    just do what is right for it is right
    fuck d politics and fuck the priests

  3. Darkhorse98 says:

    Who are you blaming for the killings: God, or his followers? Just because someone says that they are killing in the name of God doesn’t mean that they are correct in doing so. As a side note, Satan has fewer followers, and Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. To try to compare those numbers is illogical unless you are doing it on a statistical basis. Don’t act like you know God, either, because the hard truth is that nobody knows him, even the priests.

  4. keyboardarctica says:

    Amen !

  5. 2193242 says:

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  6. Darkhorse98 says:

    Thanks, atleast somebody besides me on this forum still has their sanity!

  7. Darkhorse98 says:

    A few things: Firstly: I wasn’t even originally commenting on what you said, but on what ONA5252 said. Secondly: I never said that we were “gods” or “superior” in any way. I’m all for invading North Korea, or at least simply assasinating Kim Jong Il, but I have no idea what you stand for. If you are obviously against violence, based on your comments, then what do you suggest we do to take care of him?

  8. consolerecp says:

    If you believe in Satan,then you believe in GOD !

    PS : Satan hate mankind !

  9. vxk0303 says:

    paste this to 2 other videos

    go to your channel and see your comments


  10. IfThisFailsOfficial says:

    THANK YOU! An island of sanity in this bizarre comment thread

  11. Dassault354 says:

    I wish Gaahl and King hadn’t spilt from Infernus

  12. gothhelpus says:

    Obviously you don´t know what Satan represents.

  13. consolerecp says:

    What is he supposed to represent then ? explain ,dont talk shit !

  14. lolnumpty says:

    there is some FREAKY background music in this

  15. kungmauritz says:

    its viking music

  16. holomorphy says:

    norsk black is the best ’cause of their radikalism.

  17. FrinkBatallion says:

    read the satanic bible of anthon LaVey…
    then you will know …
    its kind of atheism!

  18. davegobblin says:

    exsacly i think that god hates us all to and relgion causes war and death but gorgoroth rule

  19. Gash18 says:

    It’s Wardruna. And in my opinion it’s awesome.

  20. scottjns6 says:


  21. maxwaxfax says:

    god hates us all !!!
    god hates us all !!!
    slayer that said !!!
    go fucking kill ur self
    there is no god u stupid fuck

  22. LordWhorfinX says:

    if i lived there i would be just as depressed…lmao…

  23. pitchberzerker says:

    kinda see he´s point…but..think i´ll stay neutrual though

  24. dreaminginnoother says:

    it’s fucking true he hates this place
    it’s fucking true he hates this race

    I love slayer, but I can’t help but laugh when I am listening.

  25. dreaminginnoother says:

    I agree with him that spirit is in everything and strength is within you, but he does not value grace and beauty and harmony. If you have such strength within you, wouldn’t you use it to create positive and loving experiences? I am intrigued by spiritually intelligent people who are moving the wrong way.

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