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The Garden

Australian prog rockers Unitopia are another well-respected new band signed by the leading Progressive Rock/Metal label InsideOut Music. Their 2-CD album, The Garden follows a general concept about life, doubts in oneself and death as one possible solution to escape. Unitopia s lyrics are full of engagement of their band members with expressiveness and ambition. The musical influences come from the fields of classic Progressive Rock, Jazz and Hard Rock, which they weave into a uniq (more…)

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  1. Timur says:

    This review is from: The Garden (MP3 Download) < / b> This was the first CD I have purchased from Unitopia, I will be back to the first. This is one of the best progressive rock CDs I've heard for a long time. The album offers exceptional musician and songwriter. The tracks flow seamlessly from one to the other, the introduction of symphonic, jazz and hard rock elements that usually seems absurd, but here …. seems perfectly in harmony with each other. The vocals are wonderful and the instruments complement than one.
      Look at the album covers and imagine what something that looks like the work sounds like, and ….. that's it.
      people often try to compare with other bands. In this case, it would not be hard to do since the various elements to play. One might expect that some similarities with IQ (John Wetton), and perhaps also the jazz passages can be compared to Gong (Steve Hillage), but that they are all together so seamlessly is truly an achievement.
      This is a beautiful album, just colors garden with lush melodies and harmonies, but also kick some butt. If you are in progressive rock, this would be a welcome addition to your collection. I've really enjoyed, and look forward to what this band can be made in the future.

  2. Durriyah says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great album
    Album refering to the years of ProgRock. People who loves Genesis, Yes, etc should listen.

  3. Anonymous says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Proggy Pop but Worth a Listen
    The Garden is fairly ballad-oriented. Some selections such as Angeliqua Don’t Give Up, When I’m Down and I Wish I Could Fly work well whereas the teenie-bopper focused “Love Never…

  4. Yauvani says:

    This review is from: The Garden (MP3 Download) < / b> Unitopia – The Garden – Review
      UNITOPIA – (YU-NIH-to-pi-e): defined as living together in a place of ideal perfection especially in the fields of law, the Government and social conditions.
      “You can say that I am a dreamer. But I'm not the only … ”
      How many bands these days double albums? Only the Maestro, Arjen Lucca is consistently!
      Like many in their efforts to make disciples? I can not remember a … Until now.
      Why do all of the best China … unless you know that you have more epics in the works. Why shoot for the top of one of the highest peaks of the prog (Supper's Ready) … if you just started?
      Many questions … and here are the answers …
      One Day – One day everyone will listen to this CD set! “I hope that all those who love me, all know that it was not clear to me … one day. “Very nice start of the journey.
      The garden – I have waited a very long time for someone to find the most important part of Supper's Ready. It is the end, not Willow Farm or other bits. It is the new beginning, in the end of the song. This band has the essence here, “released … … Never alone, my face on the rising sun. Joyful tears, no more fear, and my mind is finally clear. Ooh, it's good back home. “A rich, about 22 minutes quantum leap!
      Angeliqua – This band is Kaleigh! The one that got away! Great guitar work, drumming, rhythms, maracas, and a repeated theme in this CD set … the lyrics, just awesome!
      Here I Am – Some of us have been looking for and wait a long time for someone who is beyond the traditional themes of Mr. Gabriel. Welcome Mr. Trueack, the stage is yours! “We hope that this gift is priceless!”
      Amelia's Dream / I Wish I Could Fly – I'm not a big fan of the sample voice clips interlaced with the music. But this band is actually here, the choice of a female hero, the historical character of the flight. The song describes the feeling, IMHO better than many of the Pink Floyd version. “In the mountain peaks. Over the sea spray on your wings. They flew like the eagle, so wild and free. ”
      the Power Within – Yes, there's so much power on this album. The drums really bring that power. When someone like Mr. Ruggiero, in the rare air of Abbey Road, it can not hurt! Then there is this incredible texts: “Within the power in me. Rushing deeper than the deep blue sea. I can know what it really means, which is higher than the sky. Higher than the sky. ”
      Wow! This is CD 1, and you wonder if you ever have enough time for everything. But wait, there is more …
      Journey's Friend – The Masterpiece watches at 16:30. An epic is usually all you get, even with the best bands. This is still with the title track a run for their money for me. Part IV, the main attraction and Part V, the path is particularly powerful for me. I see some similarities to some of my favorite prog songs of all time, here. Perhaps the goal was to conquer allot of ground in a hurry. If so, mission accomplished!
      Give and Take – This song is for the Prime Time! The beautiful orchestrated opening of this song took me away immediately. One of the best on the series, besides of course the epics. Lyrics are great, but the music makes this a special. “Our world has been ripped apart, I was in two minds. Everything was wrong to believe. And we could find a way out of this mess we are in? ”
      When I'm Down – I know the first song I will if it is not my way in the future. This song has a goal and thank you for it. “When I'm down, down, can I ask you? If I down, down Can you help me through? “Oh yes, and then there are the Tony Banks-like keyboards …. wow!
      This Life – Lyrics, text, text … the mantra of good music! “Life. Our lives. Make it what you want! This life, our lives. It is a gateway to the other side. “Wow!
      love never ends – the strings and the acoustic guitar. Your favorite lady will love. Wonderful duet. “eyes shine like the sun with a smile, that she sends me. She is my future and my friend, we are always to be. ”
      So Far Away – The most beautiful instrumental tracks for the follow-up love song. The piano and orchestra … yeah Days of Future Passed revisited.
      Love Do not Give Up – The instrumental mixes in this powerful ELO, One Summer Dream – sounding tribute to the Beach Boys and Brian Wilson. The title says it all!
      321 – A wonderful tribute to the miners trapped in Australia for 321 hours. The band with the inclusion of this event and its survivors, it is worth listening and reading.
      vocals, lyrics, powerful drums, keys, orchestral, and more. Hard to find something is missing here. If you have so much in an album, the future is very, very bright! But what a mountain to try to beat! I have a good feeling that they already planned ….
      grabbing for the brass ring in your students try! Well, the courage! It should be rewarded!
      Australia is definitely on the map of prog with this CD set!
      Wonderful be at the beginning of something new! Waiting and listening to the story unfold!

  5. Nuria says:

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Brillant,a Wonderful piece of prog
    This is quite a refreshing and well produced cd,,very talented musicians,great sound,with mellow sounds and power and punch too..quite inmpressive!

  6. Atherton says:

    This review is from: The Garden (MP3 Download) < / b> This is another truly amazing new group that is very useful. Her style is progressive rock, and shows excellent song writing and musicianmanship.
      There is not a bad song from the entire 2 CD set and I find that I keep the whole series and enjoy it. I suppose as a comparison, I would say they are a bit like The Flower Kings, IQ, perhaps, or maybe the group Mirage.
      This is the second version, and I did it without hesitation because I thought so much of her first album. Yes, needless to say, I recommend it too!

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