Wedding Bands – For Perfect Harmony

So do you want to wrap it up with a proper wedding? All the proposing is over and the accepting too. It’s high time we got down to business and make things official.

Apart from the vows, there’s hardly anything which stands for the act of making it official other than the grandiose from the wedding bands. The rings out this wedding would be worn by the bride and the groom for the rest of their life. Hence it is very important that the to-be husband and wife both purchase themselves a band which both of them personally like.

Both the bride as well as the groom liking the band is very important. Wedding is an institution involving two parties and hence it is very important that both parties agree similar to how essential it is for the husband and wife to be to like their rings which they would be wearing for the rest of their lives.

Wedding bands have a lot of varieties in them , from what material they are made of. However the most popular amongst them still being the 14 Karat white and Yello Gold. It is interesting to note that a 14 karat gold wedding band is not made of pure gold but mixed along with an alloy of gold and elements such as silver and copper.

The bands also are made from platinum and silver. Platinum is obviously heavier than gold and also is the most valuable of all metals. It would make a very beautiful wedding ring with stunning white metal which shines after it has been polished.

However silver is not as superior in quality and the metal is very soft too. Hencesilver bands are prone to damage as well as discoloration. Since they are not very expensive they would suit a budget wedding.

Other features that go into deciding the wedding band are the thickness, what kind of design or plain, etc.

Generally the woman’s band is smaller. It is better if couple visited a number of stores before buying so that they would get an idea of pricing also after which they could compare prices.

If the couple chose to have engravings on their ring, they should take extra care in chosing and getting it engraved because these last forever on the rings and bands.

Most of the couples today as usual chose to have their initials or the starting letters of their names to be engraved on their rings while others want symbols and star signs or pictures depicting their devotion and love to each other. Engravings are very aesthetic and artistic things, because they give more meaning and speciality to the rings.

As an alternative to couples going shop by shop searching for rings at viable costs, they can ask already married couples to suggest a few names of shops where wedding bands of one’s dream can be acquired.

If a ready-made ring cannot be found suitable for the couple, people can always have them made to order. That way it is much more personal and the bride and the groom can actually suggest very intricate designs to be engraved as well as designs which are not mass made can be obtained in the rings which would make it even more special. The rings are also less expensive than the ones which are bought from show-rooms.

But at the end of the day marriage is not all about the rings, and hence couples should not make a fuss about the whole process of selecting the rings. Rather things should be taken in lighter spirit and should enjoy all these times before the marriage.

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