What Are Some Good Metal Band Names That I Could Use Once I Start A Band?

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  1. bug girl says:

    You don’t even have a band yet? Get your band together, learn some covers, write some music, play some gigs under a working name (just flip a dictionary open or something) and then after you have some great memories, sit around and come up with a cool band name that kind of glues you all together.
    Or here’re some suggestions off the top of my head:
    Girl Liquor
    Hot Bituminous Asphalt
    Sigma Epsilon Xi
    The Lemonade’s Last Stand
    Battle of the Bulge
    Another thing to do is Google/Wiki your favorite bands and read about where their names came from. There are some cool stories out there. Saying, “I got mine from Yahoo Answers” isn’t cool. Just sayin.

  2. cinders says:

    Don’t know if this is “legal” but thousands of band names have already been though of. Aren’t the leaderboards and stuff for “Rock Band” games (ps3 / 360) full of player-band names? If you can browse them somehow and find one you like, maybe contact the “owner” for permission… or just go ahead and use it and settle the possible lawsuit once you’ve hit the big time.

  3. Dopey Dinosaur says:

    -Broken Silence
    -Reckless Threat
    -Break the Silence

  4. Matt says:

    Goat blood
    Vampire’s wet dream
    Cheek bone
    or sour color
    My band’s name is Vice versa please don’t use it!!!

  5. Mickey says:

    the dying eye
    the white heat

  6. Ashley A says:

    just use a quote from a movie.

  7. ddlovatofan says:

    the sleepover girls

    solo act

    pirates of avonlea

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