What Are Some Of The Best Christian Death Metal Bands? (especially Bands Similar To Impending Doom)?

Looking for new Christian death metal bands to get on my ipod. Fill me in. Thanks.

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  1. tron says:

    Here are a couple christian Death Metal Bands
    Becoming The Archetype (could be Deathcore….)…
    Edit: Forgot about Extol, they are pretty solid….and if you want some Black Metal then Antestor are ok

  2. Carl The Viking says:

    Beneath the sky is really good but they’re broken up now which is sad, but yea as someone else mentioned as i lay dying is good too, and idk if u would consider these guys metal, they’re kind of lighter, haste the day is pretty good too

  3. Lady Death says:

    Extol is the only band I know of. They’re pretty good.…

  4. Mr. Wildflowers says:

    Mortification is better than most secular death metal bands, imo.

  5. hollyy.h says:

    Immortal Souls

  6. Raphael says:

    Devil Wears Prada…IDK

  7. Heaven in Her Arms says:

    With Blood Comes Cleansing

  8. LKO S says:

    As I lay Dying

  9. Candy says:

    Definetely I would say Demon Hunter is absolutely amazing, try to see them live, one of the best live bands i’ve seen in years.

  10. John says:

    You have to listen to August Burns Red, the best christian metal ever!!!

  11. metal4christ says:

    With Blood Comes Cleansing
    The Damascus Intervention
    A Thousand Times Repent
    As I Lay Dying
    White Chapel

  12. Elizabeth says:

    With blood comes cleansing
    for today
    sleeping giant
    mychildren mybride
    The horsemen apocolypse
    Underneath the Gun
    living sacrifice
    War of Ages
    Feast Eternal
    Earth from above

    there are many more but impending doom is defenately the best! :)

  13. DeathMetalAngel says:

    Impending Doom is awesome, but they’re pretty brutal too so you’d have to be into that. You could try August Burns Red, Once Nothing is real good too. Ummm…The Devil Wears Prada is always good and so is As I Lay Dying. With Blood Comes Cleansing, Bloody Sunday, and Bloodlined Caligraphy are good. Well that’s all I can think of man.


  14. Spider77 says:

    Alove for Enemies
    August Burns Red
    Becoming the Archetype
    Living Sacrifice (no longer together but one of the best Christian Death Metal bands imo)

  15. Bryce says:

    whitechapel is not christian. their lyrics are based on jack the ripper and very anti God.

    some good christian death metal is

    rogers met an iranian
    in the midst of lions
    the crimson armada
    your chance to die
    sleep serapis sleep
    woe of tyrants
    allatus adeo
    as hell retreats
    the blood reckoning
    the burial
    common yet forbidden
    darkness before dawn
    dead in existence
    ghost of a fallen age
    glass casket
    the goodnight horizon
    the great commission
    i built the cross
    lewis vs clark
    marcus aurelius
    mortal treason
    on solid ground
    a plea for purging
    second thief
    see the light
    settle the sky
    seven last words of christ
    sinai beach
    texas in july
    a thousand times repent
    underneath the gun
    7horns 7eyes

  16. Daniel says:

    Impending Doom, Mortal Treason, ForeverAtLast, A Plea For Purging, The Devil Wears Prada, Underneath The Gun, UndeRoath, Slechtvalk, Drottnar, Antestor, It Dies Today, Darkest Hour, The Lineage p.s. not on youtube go to, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Before Their Eyes, Distroy the Runner, Frost Like Ashes, and if you want a realy deahth metal bands here are some,

    Impending Doom, Antestor, UnderNeath The Gun, Slechtvalk, Drottnar, Frost like Ahese, I Killed The Prom Queen, 7Angels 7Plagues, The Agonist, With Blood Comes Cleasing, With Faith or Flames, Austrian Death Machine, Extol, Blessed By A Broken Heart, Acrassicauda, Clear Convictions, Krig, Mortification.

    I have alot more bands but I think this is enough for now. hope if ya’ll like’em

  17. Daniel says:

    ps Drottnar is one of the most heaviest Christian Metal band

  18. Metalupyoura$$ says:

    Sorry but some of you need to do your home work darkest hour, woe of tyrants, white chapel, and the Agonist are not christian metal

  19. ekajdoow says:

    Good christian metal bands are, With blood come cleansing,attack attack,as i lay diying,ABR,demon hunter,extol,at the throne of judgement, yhy will be done,and the best that i love is HOLY BLOOD! it rocks

  20. thechristchex says:

    if you want REAL death metal, ignore all the people who say that demon hunter and TDWP is death metal
    here are some RRALLY good bands
    Feast Eternal (melodeath)
    Miseration (album: the mirroring shadow) (Death metal)
    Indwelling (Tech Death Metal ala suffocation)
    Sympathy ( Tech Death Metal
    Tortured Conscience (Brutal Death Metal ala suffocation)
    Skymetal (Death Metal ala REALLY crappy deicide)
    Metanonia (Groove Death Metal)
    At The Throne Of Jedgement (Deathcore-ish ala Job for a cowboy)
    Obliteration (album:Dying Age) (Death Metal ala deicide)
    The Empty Tomb (Brutal Death Metal ala Devourment, Drowning in phormaldyhyde)

  21. Jeremiah says:

    Okay, Demon Hunter, UnderOath, As I Lay Dying, and August Burns Red are NOT Death Metal. They range from Post Hardcore Metal to just Heavy Metal. A good band would be Frost Like Ashes but they are Black Metal and they ARE Christian

  22. matt says:


  23. Cheri says:

    Where do you find these cd’s?? I have been trying to find metal/death metal CHRISTIAN bands for a long time but very limited in places like Borders, Barnes & Noble and bible book stores……

  24. Tyler says:

    if you want to buy cd’s then go to itunes lol if u want to download them then go to they have alot of stuff! you should also check out onward to olympas they’ve just recently signed onto facedown records and are awesome! AILD’s newest album the powerless rise is awesome! all other bands that i listen to have already been posted so yeah lol becoming the archetype is awesome! necrotizing fasciitis is one of there best align with dichotomy, how great thou art and beyond adaptation has one of the most epic breakdowns ever!

  25. Steve says:

    I haven’t seen anyone mention Living Sacrifice whom I think are the heaviest of the christian bands.
    It may be a contradiction but Bruce Fitzhugh sounds like the devil.

  26. Andrew says:

    As I Lay Dying is not deathmetal. Yeah, I like en, but they are watt too soft haha. Try metalcore

  27. D24 says:

    Not Death Metal or Anything More Screamo But Still an awesome listen is blessthefall and confide deep lyrics..

  28. Chad says:

    metal4christ says:
    June 11, 2009 at 5:41 am
    With Blood Comes Cleansing
    The Damascus Intervention
    A Thousand Times Repent
    As I Lay Dying
    White Chapel

    Umm… Whitechapel is definately death metal, but they most certainly are not Christian. And Blindside is in no way death metal.

  29. Andrew says:

    Hey. DON’T CLASSIFY METAL WITH SUB-GENRES. They don’t exist! Metal is metal! Just because a band says they’re “Platypus Metal” doesn’t make that a new type of music, does it? xD

    Anyways, Attack Attack is definately not a christian band.

    I do recomend:

    Oh, Sleeper
    As I Lay Dying
    August Burns Red
    MyChildren MyBride
    Demon Hunter
    Living Sacrifice
    Impending Doom
    War of Ages
    Woe of Tyrants

    That’s all I can think of. :\

  30. karlOz! says:

    i built the cross (are similar to disfiguring the goddess)*brutal deathcore*
    the famine (good band)
    woe of tyrants (melodic/technical deathcore
    earth from above (deathcore)
    a thousand times repent (maybe gore-deathcore)

  31. Metalcore/deathcore/happyness :) says:

    OK before ya’ll start arguing again I got a few things to say that ya’ll may or may not wunna here. Firstly the question was what are some good christian DEATH metal bands! Death metal is a very different part of metal from THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA or BLESSTHEFALL or WHITECHAPEL or AS I LAY DYING, and yes White Chapel is very far from christian, don’t give this perc metalCORE bands because he/she did not ask for them. And just because you heard from your friend who heard from his dad who asked his mom who was reading a book and got a weird idea that some band like White Chapel is christian doesn’t mean it’s TRUE! And quit arguing about stupid crap, just give the guy/girl some good bands to check out. and DEATH METAL bands, so that means no real actual screaming, just grunts growls and that stuff. Also means dark and melodic sounds, so it won’t have breakdowns and stuff, that’s DEATHCORE, White Chapel is deathcore/death metal, more deathcore though. and just fyi the differences are that metalcore is alot of breakdowns plus screaming and singing, deathcore is not as heavy as death metal and consists of breakdowns and screaming, no real singing, and if there is it’s like barely… so anyway just ya’ll all chill and help this person out ok. And quit saying stuff like The Devil Wears Prada is death metal. and yes Metal has sub genre’s, just go accept the truth or go poop yourself. K bye :)

  32. JeffyFive says:

    My recommendations are:

    Divine Symphony (Symphonic ‘Black’ Metal)
    Dagon (Melodic Death/Thrash Metal)
    Becoming the Archetype (Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore)
    The Famine (Death Metal/Metalcore)
    Impending Doom (Deathcore/Grindcore )
    Antestor (Black Metal)
    A Plea for Purging (Metalcore)
    Agraceful (Hardcore/Screamo)
    Symphony in Peril (Metalcore)
    Oh, Sleeper (Hardcore/Screamo)
    Sinai Beach (Metalcore/Hardcore)
    Zao (Metalcore)
    Besieged (Melodic Death/Metalcore)
    Soul Embraced (Metalcore/Melodic Death Metal)
    Slechtvalk (Melodic ‘Black’ Metal)
    Trenches (Sludge Metal/Death Metal)
    War of Ages (Metalcore)
    Living Sacrifice (Metalcore)
    In Vain (Progressive Death/Black Metal)*
    Underoath (Groove Metal/Deathcore)**

    *In Vain is not a Christian band, but 3 of the members are Christian and their music is “safe” to listen to.

    **This pertains to the albums “Cries of the Past” and “Act of Depression” (two of the most amazing albums ever).

  33. UGH this is pathetic says:

    Ok for one most of the bands listed aren’t even close to death metal, As I Lay dying, Underoath, and ABR are Post-hardcore, not even close to death metal.
    Some good actual death metal bands: Mortification, Living Sacrifice, Extol, Crimson Thorn, Metanoia, and Pantokrator.

  34. adam says:

    check out soul embraced awsome band

  35. jabcomix says:

    yall all sadden me. death metal, are like such bands as, (non christian bands) cannibal corpse, waking the cadaver, carnifex etc.
    if they dont meausre up to that then shut the fuck up.
    but some good christian metla bands are,
    with blood comes cleansing
    the twelfth amyest
    the empty tomb
    inked in blood
    impending doom
    the horsemen of the apocalypse
    got it now?
    oh btw attack attack is not christian nor are they in any way considered metal.

  36. craig says:


  37. Christian Metal Bands That Are Unknown says:

    Amarna Reign, Blood of The Martyrs, Dalit, Dark Lay Still, Dead In Existance, Deus Invictus, Hound of Hades, Immortal Souls, In The Midst of Lions, Inevitable End, Martyr of Men, Martyr Shrine, Mortal Treason, Neocracy, Neviah Nevi (A Christian Death Metal band with a lead female vocalist. Insane? lol) One Shot For All, Onward To Olympus, Rise With Honor, Shadowed by Serpents, Thrown To Belial (USA, not UK) Tremble Oh Earth, Valheron, Vanguard, 7 Horns 7 Eyes. all of these are Christian Deathcore/Death metal badns but here is one that is not but if you want something so insane, so crazy, so, so, so hetic that will make your head explode —ULCERATE—-will do the job.

  38. james says:

    one band that is missing from almost every single christian metal forum is soul embraced in my opinion they are one of the greatest metal bands christian or not

    also try some other bands like
    death requisite
    and impending doom kicks ass


    DEATHMETAL does actually have what u describe as “actual screaming” in them. It in fact have what are known as GUTTURAL SCREAMS, and aside from screaming it consists of PIG SQUEALS (how could u forget pig squeals?!), GROWLS, GRUNTS, the rare HIGH-PITCHED SCREAMS, and other erratically amazing noises that don’t really have a name. Just a thought, if your unsure of a bands genre, ASK EM INSTEAD OF WASTING TIME ARGUING ABOUT WHAT U THINK THA GENRE IS OF A BAND YOUR NOT EVEN IN. Besides, why blog 24-7 when u can MOSH, BRO?!

  40. Cory says:

    Go to my blog for more Christian bands:

    and yes, Woe of Tyrants is not a Christian band, although I wish they were. They sound great.


    Ohh… you all don’t know Mortification and Creation of Death and you still think you listen to Christian DEATH metal or you know about that? Awesome!!!!

  42. Stephen says:

    The best christian deathmetal bands are : Crimson Thorn, Mortification, Betraying the Martyrs, and Impending Doom.

  43. Ryan says:

    Living Sacrifice, Believer, Vengeance Rising, and Mortification.

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