What Are Some Of The Best Death Metal Or Black Metal Bands Out There?

I always have enjoyed heavy metal (Metallica, Pantera) but really just started listening to and enjoying very much the death metal subgenre. I currently listen to Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, As I Lay Dying and Children of Bodom. I am eager to discover more great death metal bands and some black metal since I have never heard black metal before. If black metal is heavier than death metal than that would satisfy my appetite for more metal!!!

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  1. Hail Metal!!! says:

    First of all don’t listen to Amy M or Matt, the bands they named suck. Everyone else has the right idea. I would say, get into classic black metal first because it is some of the best stuff in the world, and where almost all extreme metal is rooted from (Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate). Also classic death metal (Death, Possessed, Athiest, Macabre) and thrash that usually isn’t mentioned in the mainstream (Sepultura, Kreator, Sodom, Sadus, Annihilator, Nuclear Assault). As for modern death metal I’d say Bloodbath, Carcass, Cryptopsy, Dying Fetus, Deicide, Entombed, Gorguts, Grave, Morbid Angel, Necrophagist, Obituary, Psycroptic, Sleep Terror, and Suffocation are essentials. I know that can get a little overwhelming, but take your time. As for black metal, Mayhem (early stuff is their best), Immortal (cheesey as hell but classic none the less), Darkthrone (I actually prefer their death metal releases but their black metal is considered the standard), Burzum, Carpathian Forest, Emperor, Drudkh, Nokturnal Mortem, Enslaved, Gehenna, Gorgoroth, Graveland, Horna, Archgoat, Beherit, Behexen, Moonsorrow, Primordial, Sigh, Summoning, Sarcofago, Falkenbach, Vreid, and Windir.

  2. G says:

    Well, I only know a few black metal and death metal bands. But the ones I do listen to are pretty amazing.
    You should check out these bands:
    Gorgoroth (Black metal)
    Mayhem (Black meal)
    Sepultura (Was considered death metal and thrash metal, but I’m not sure now…)
    Darkthrone (Started as a black metal band, but later became a “driving force” in the Norwegian black metal scene, and they’re not half bad.)
    Bathory (Swedish heavy metal band. Haha, get this, they’re pioneers of both black metal and Viking metal…)
    Dethklok (Fiction death metal band, but they’re awesome.)
    And…that’s all I can think of.

  3. cookies. says:

    No offense but let me correct you. As I lay Dying, Lamb of God are metalcore. Amon Amarath is Viking Metal and Children of Bodom are more Melodic Death /Power Metal.
    Extreme Metal can take time getting used to though.
    Death Metal:
    Morbid Angel
    Dismember ( Album: Like an Ever Flowing Stream this is an excellent album with a sense of melody)
    Unanimated ( album: Ancient God of Evil… this is melodic death metal)
    Necrophobic ( has a sense of melody)
    Black Metal:
    Immortal ( Sons of Northern Darkness their older stuff is amazing but this album has good production)
    Tsjuder ( very very intense Black Metal)
    Deathspell Omega
    Forest of Fog ( this melodic and raw I suggest you listen to this first)

  4. Orly says:

    I have the perfect band, VENOM was a band heavily inspirational to bands like metallica and salyer that you may have already been listening to, but they are also the godfathers of black metal. if you are looking for a more fresh sound check out between the buried and me, six feet under, shadows fall, cradle of filth, or even neurosis, morbid angel, cannibal corpse, in flames..some of these bands dont fall EXACTLY into these sub-categories..but it seems like you have a similar taste in music as i do, so check em out man hope this was helpful

  5. thewhole says:

    Death Metal is generally heavier more technical than Black metal. Black Metal creates atmosphere rather than impresses you with skill (although there are some skilled musicians in BM). I listen to both pretty regularly
    Death Metal
    Edge of Sanity…
    Black Metal
    Dark Fortress…
    If you want some more bands, let me know

  6. tron says:

    if you like death metal you will almost certainly like grindcore and stuff liek tat try arsonists get all the girls and carnifex , dr.acula and i set my friends on fire are a must as well.

  7. Matt says:

    Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, Whitechapel, and Suicide Silence just to name a few.

  8. Amy M says:

    Straight up Death metal
    Jungle rot…
    Cannibal corpse…
    Melodic death metal (i don’t know if you like harsh vocals but i’ll but both)
    My Recent favourite band Black guard…
    Arch enemy
    Into eternity…
    My favourite Sub-genre Technical death metal
    #1 Death
    My personal favourite Psycroptic(the old singer chalky is my favourite DM vocalist -the drummer is also one of my favourites)…
    with the new singer -he’s pretty good but no comparison to chalky)…
    Another one of my personal favorites Necrophagist…
    Decapitated(probably one of the best drummer is DM)
    Decrepit birth(these guys are unbeleivable)…
    Quo vadis…
    here are some others
    Into the moat
    Odious mortem
    Visceral Bleeding
    I you like what i have here send me msg i’ll give you alot more and Tron has you coverd for life in the Black metal Category.

  9. MinutesAlone says:

    I’m not exactly sure how i ended up here but i think i landed in right place.I have been listening to black metal and some death metal bands for a while but i hadn’t come across like 20 bands mentioned.

    Try these Death metal bands
    - Vital Remains
    - Deicide [earlier works]
    - Dark Tranquility
    - Antropomorphia
    - Primordial
    - Opeth

    Black metal..All Norwegian Black metal bands are awesome.There are some very good black metal bands from other than norway though.Some of my favorites being Abigor,Dark Funeral.

  10. Dark Rambler dIVE TO hELL says:

    BM is so lame ans boring All bands sound and look the same. Looking into the sky with arms out punked out with a office shapie (manowar) haha

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