What Would The Best Power Metal Bands Be?

I’m just wondering because I only know a few
and it would be good if I could have a few ideas on how many types of power metal bands there are.

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  1. Busan-ma says:

    Best is sord of subjective so im going to go with the ‘favorite’ formula.
    Here are some of my favorites.
    Firewind GREEK POWER METAL m/……
    and Now for Helloween
    Keeper of the seven keys (one of the greatest power metal song known to man)…
    PART 2…

  2. Alex says:

    I’ll rank my favorites:
    1) Bon Jovi
    2) Def Leppard
    3) Poison
    4) Warrant
    5) Cinderella
    6) Europe
    7) White Lion
    8) Firehouse
    9) Slaughter
    10) Steelheart

  3. Aaron Isaac says:

    Here’s some of my favorites.
    Sonata Arctica

  4. Lachlan says:

    Well Power metal is metal that mostly is about medieval stuff and fantasy. Some of it isnt. Kamelot and Sonata Arctica are great power metal bands but my favorite power metal band is nightwish. The come under another subgenre again known as symphonic power metal. Children of Bodom are classsed as extreme power metal because of the death growls that it has in it. Basically if you want to see all the diferent types of metal bands go to: its a great site that has over 4000 metal bands listed. Check my profile out on metalstorm just search lachy in the users and you will find me i love my power metal.
    I hope this helped

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