What Would You Sing Jazz Song Or Metal Rock Song?

I want an answer from nativeapathy especially.

6 responses to “What Would You Sing Jazz Song Or Metal Rock Song?”

  1. Julietta says:

    Metal is NOT rock, nor is it an adjective to describe heavy types of rock.

  2. That Drummer Dude says:

    I would rather sing a jazz tune. There are more choices and liberties given to the performer in jazz that aren’t given in metal.

  3. Omar says:

    Jazz because in metal the songs are way too eccentric and there is wrist cutting and suicide. In Jazz it’s a lot tender and there is no wrist cutting and suicide

  4. gerald d says:


  5. Nikki says:

    Jazz is where its at
    Metal is where it was

  6. pianojazz man says:

    Jazz, baby – it’s classic. Metal – not so much. More noise than music.

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