What’s The Best Metal Bands Out Right Now?

i just got introduced to metal like last year. and my main band right now is slipknot. but is there other bands i should know about?

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  1. nodoubt1 says:

    beware of mainstream version of metal. fyi- Metallica is metal for losers, its too boring and the solos dont make you 4 the 7mins of the same rifts ova and ova.
    my favs include:
    Lamb of God (all-american death metal, w/ probably the best screamer ever), check out the Ashes of the Wake CD and Wrath CD, plus these songs not on those two CD’s – Ruin, Scarament, Walk With Me Through Hell, Redneck, the 11th Hour, Vigil, and A Devil in God’s Country.(and no they are a not satanic band though). One problem w/ them some of there songs sound like variations of others.
    Mastodon (alternative metal)- Blood Mountain CD is sick, so is Leviathan CD, and their last one Crack the Skye CD. fyi- you kno the intro to the Aqua Teen Hunger Fore Movie: Movie for Movie Theater, well te play the metal song w/ the pretzel, nachos, and gumdrop, it called Cut You Up With A Linoleum Knife, its funny
    God Forbid (melodic death metal)- IV: Constitution of Treason CD
    Opeth (progressive death metal)- i like the Deliverance CD
    Trivium (metalcore)- Ascendancy CD
    my friend likes Autumn Burns Red (metalcore)
    Dream Theater (progressive metal/rock)- Systematic Chaos CD, Scences From a Memory (CD), and their new one is Black Clouds and Silver Linings CD. These guys are the perfect band to listen to if you ever wanna learn guitar, they set your goals hella high.
    they’re not metal but try the Mars Volta (progressive rock)- Amputechture CD, The Bedlam in Goliath CD, The Bedlam in Goliath CD, my fav one Frances The Mute CD, and there new one Octahedron CD….these guys are monsters at all the instrument, and would crush Metallica and Slipknot is skill alone, not to mention compostion and solos.

  2. Devon says:

    Trivium is pretty rad. Also put on amazing shows.

  3. Paulsky says:

    Since when is Slipknot metal?

  4. Nyejah says:

    You should Listen to OTEP, Listen to Ghostflowers,Special pets, Eat the Children, Communion. Noose and Nail, Buried Alive, Rise, Rebel, Resist.

  5. matt says:

    megadeth,black sabbath, slayer, children of bodom, venom, marduk, dio, destruction, blue oyster cult . there, those are some fairly new and old heavy metal bands that i like

  6. cocaine says:

    slipknot rules

  7. deformed says:

    well… children of bodom and lamb of god are the two bands that are really popular in my country among the relatively new bands… i rilly lyk dragonforce, opeth, arch enemy, dark tranquility, devildriver, killswitch engage a lot. among the old ones… metallica, iron maiden, slayer, testament, led zepplin, vader, megadeth, black sabbath, venom, dio, rainbow are the bands that rilly kick ass… and to those who hate metallica… u guys can go to hell n suck demons ass as far as um concerned… the classic metallica was the perfection of thrash metal along wid slayer n testament… i hope u will listen to their older songs more sincerely and then come up wid results…

  8. MetalMassacre says:

    First things first: stop listening to Slipknot immediately (you are going down a dark path that leads to very bad music). Second of all: disregard about half of the bands suggested here. What’s popular today generally isn’t all that good unless its older. Here are the bands you need to listen to
    1. Metallica
    If your not listening to Metallica you don’t know metal. They truly are the greatest band in metal despite what you may hear about their stuff in the 90s. Although the albums may have been less than great there are still a few hidden gems. The Black Album is not their greatest release, far from it. All of their previous albums are better. Master of Puppets is the greatest gift to metal ever. The quintessential metal album and the title track is the best metal song. And their talent is off the charts. St. Anger was pretty bad even I will admit but they followed it up with a strong comeback: Death Magnetic. Proves they are still a great thrash band.

    2. Iron Maiden
    It’s the metal band for every fan. Iron Maiden has been able to do something that no other metal band has and that is to appeal to every single kind of metal fan. Be you a fan of death metal, thrash, black, etc. you are guaranteed to like Iron Maiden. They gave us the greats like The Number of the Beast, Powerslave, Killers, Piece of Mind. The list goes on. Hallowed Be Thy Name is an amazing song that defines heavy metal for what it is. The Trooper, Run to the Hills, Wrathchild: all products of Maiden’s genius. And almost no one in metal has a better voice than Bruck Dickinson.

    3. Slayer
    Well if you are into Slipknot (however unfortunate that maybe) that proves that you are already into the harder stuff. Slayer is pure evil dipped in skin shredding speed. Reign in Blood ranks right behind Master of Puppets as the second greatest metal albums of all time. Raining Blood, Angel of Death, War Ensemble. You know who did those? SLAYER! And they haven’t taken any shit from anyone. Check out Seasons in the Abyss if you’re not ready for Reign in Blood. The true hidden gem on Seasons is Born of Fire. Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman play guitar like no other (see Kirk Hammett). Their shredding, riffing, soloing its all amazing. Get with Slayer or get out of metal.

    Other bands to check out
    Black Sabbath – DUH!
    Judas Priest – like Maiden but a little poppier. Still a great band
    Death – the original death metal band. The genre is essentially named for them. RIP Chuck Schuldiner
    Alice in Chains – the greatest alt metal band
    Megadeth – Dave Mustaine = awesome at guitar but sucks at being a person (he’s a douche). But they are one of the original thrash bands.
    At The Gates – Swedish Melodic Death Metal that kicks ass
    In Flames – Same as above
    Mastodon – the best new (not nu) metal band
    Dream Theater – Progressive metal gods
    Testament – another great thrash band
    Exodus – Same as above
    Vader – Great death metal

    Don’t listen to
    Lamb of God
    Killswitch Engage
    Any metalcore or anything with core at the end

  9. Don says:

    Does no one listen to Gojira?? Dead to fall, On broken wings, Into eternity, So many bands that fit into the metal category.

  10. chad says:

    ok all these bands you guys are saying our for losers.

    ok if you want to listen to real hard core deathmetal look up carnifex, job for a cowboy, postmortem promises, despised icon, bury the horizon, the juliet massacre, and the faceless. oh ya and slipknots for fags.

  11. thekey says:

    Sepultura before 1995… Greatest thrash metal band ever.

  12. rubishit says:

    Disillusion, COB, Arch Enemy, In Flames, ETOS, Dark Tranquility, Amorphis, Amon Amarth, Unearth, Avenged Sevenfold, many it!!


  13. moses says:

    dude we all have are own taste in music soo saying slipknot is for faggets is just ignorant but what else can you exept from Americans , ur country is soo closed mind

  14. mike says:

    im disappointed that everyone forgot 4 of our founding brothers. vinnie, rex, dime and phil made metal what it is today. shame on u.

  15. Courtneu says:

    Oh my god you guys, all you haters talking trash about metallica and the rifts that they play need to go suck a cock. lets see you try and play them!!

  16. Shon Jimenez says:

    Most people who hate on Metallica are just plain jealous. Metallica is the greatest heavy metal band. So what some of their stuff isn’t what you might like. I think some of their 90’s stuff was more creative. It can’t always be fast and heavy, you have to grow as musicians, if you don’t you stay stagnant. I love Slipknot, they put on a good show, always. Lamb of God is the band of the 2000 era. They are badass and very fan friendly.

  17. Brandon Bennett says:

    Ok first things first Metallica has some good albums but other albums they have sound like they were playing in a garbage can because thats what it sounded like. Slipknot is fuckin retarded man, they don’t do shit and they don’t know how to play the guitar. They will melt your brain and they will kill any vibe you have for metal music. Some bands that i thing fir nicely into the metal category are: Three Inches Of Blood, Children Of Bodom, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God, Catastrophic, Arch Enemy, In Flames, Sad Wings Of Destiny, Avenged Sevenfold, Amadon, Bury The Horizon, Alice In Chains, Deam Theatre, and finally Trivium. Google all the bands and order the hit cd’s. They will blow your miiiiiiiind!!!!!!!!!!1

  18. maximus says:

    some of my personal favorite bands. not in any particular order
    1. six feet under
    2. satyricon
    3. mushroomhead
    6.edge of sanity
    10.amon amarth

  19. metal fan till death says:

    why does no one mention pantera? they were better than metallica. my bands are definetly pantera, lamb of god, old korn yes korn, metallica, megadeth some of it, fear factory, hell yeah, mudvayne, etc.

  20. metalmarine says:

    ok, i agree with lots of those. but wheres as i lay dying, arkaea, threat signal, scar symmetry. already mentioned in flames, one of my favs. what about divine heresy, bleeding through, caliban. i agree with lamb of god, trivium there a good ones. theres so much to list. thats just right off the top of my mind

  21. ptp says:

    how about Dragonforce?? aren’t they great??

  22. Robert says:

    These bands Rock if you dont mind true musicians that can truely make music Stratovarius ,Symphony x, Helloween ,Avantasia,Agent Steel, Kamelot , Dragonforce,Dream Theater , Seventh Wonder,Nevermore or you can keep listening to the Mick Mars and Ace Frehley who suck.

  23. Metalhead teen says:

    Orphaned Land. Slash. OLD Metallica. Megadeth. Slayer. Death. Anthrax. DragonForce. Blind Guardian. Enjoy !!

  24. Matt888 says:

    Check out the bickering over the bands we all technically like anyway. Even if you don’t like Metallica anymore?? Surely you did at some point? And if you never liked them surely you can appreciate their contribution to the genre?? For mine? Pantera were my boy hood metal favourites, Sepultura anyone? Or Soulfy perhaps? Are Deftones considered metal by you kids? What about Tool? (prog or alt rock, but still a slice of metal in there somewhere) Def keen to check out some of the bands you guys have mentioned that I haven’t heard of :)
    . Cheers for that. Oh, and Carcuss!! Swansong or Heartwork, both great metal albums.

  25. Firemetal 666 says:

    No one likes any canadian metal,
    Check out 3 inches of blood, bison bc, dead jesus (best brutal death metal of all time), and Quo Vadis.
    And Tankard from germany because who wouldn’t love thrashin about drinkin

  26. IamtheMetal says:

    I’m shocked at the lack of love for Devildriver and Arch Enemy, groove and melodic death metal at its best. Also I recommend checking out Priestess, not the heaviest, but they’ve got chops, second album is pretty kickass.

    I like variety in my metal, so here’s my list

    arch enemy
    Sepultara (and to a lesser extent Soul Fly)
    Silent Civilian (first album more than second)
    Spineshank (fuck it some of their shit sounds cool)
    Lacuna Coil

  27. Slipknot Till' Death says:

    stop talking shit about slipknot! everbody likes different bands! theres nothing wrong about any band just cause you dont like it dont mean its stupid! everybody has their different opinions so stop saying stupid things about other bands!

  28. Tony says:

    My favorite bands are:
    1) Deftones
    2) Carcass
    3) Burzum
    4) Emperor
    5) Mayhem
    6) Behemoth

  29. James says:

    Nightwish, DragonForce, Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, Helloween, Turisas, Galneryus, Maximum the Hormone, Fairyland, Ancient Bards

    Just to name a few.

  30. Tanner says:

    I agree, Slipknot is just a poser band, they will never be metal. I think Metallica had their days, but now they’re just washed up. Iron Maiden is still legendary, and most definitely Black Sabbath. Personally, I love Black Metal the most. Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir are my favorites. Along with Emperor, Burzum, Gorgoroth, Cannibal Corpse, and many others. Aside from the really heavy music,though, Nightwish, HIM, Evanescence, Marilyn Manson and Turbonegro are very GREAT as well.

  31. phukstiq says:

    Some of you dildoz are making me fall over from your stupidity. Some of you listen to trash and I cant believe you are on here spouting your sorry opinions of metal. This and that and what band this and that. Some of you need a base of valid opinion to start with. Why dont you try actually picking up a guitar so you actually know what you are listening to when you hear a track? Some people are just metal zombies and will digest anything that sounds heavy and fast. So heres the best bands on my list. Though bands like Dragonforce and Trivium are awesome in the skill area, I cant get past some of the cheesy fantasy themes and faggy vocals. Amazing guitar playing though. So heres my list. Best metal band of all time in my opinion, hands down has to be Dimmu Borgir. They have been around for a long time and have come very far as musicians. Their compositions are awe striking at times and they keep getting better every album. Granted they dont have the consistancy that bands like Slayer and Metallica had over the years, the level they are at now is ground breaking. They use keyboards to simulate an orchestra which is top notch. Good solos most of the time, though not their strong point. Strong point being blending the most devilish riffs with the most powerful vocals of any band today along with the orchestra like sounds. I think they are on par with the likes of some of the great classical composers. If you doubt that, check out the song, perfection or vanity which is one of the most powerful instrumentals I think Ive heard. If you like talented musicians, strong vocalists and all around great aural sex, check out these tasty bands.

    Dimmu Borgir
    Lamb of God
    The Agonist (Alyssas got so much grit and range, holy sht)
    Arch Enemy (Angela Gossow only)
    Killswitch Engage
    Evanescence (go screw yourself)
    My Ruin (Terri Bs vocals are raging)
    Metallica (pre-load era)
    Megadeth (rust in peace maybe best album ever for talent) Anything after Youthansia is a little hit and miss
    Testament ( anything before and during The Ritual
    Sepultura ( anything before Soulfy) and after that crap called alters of madness
    Slayer of course (fell off after Diabolus in Musica)
    If you like Slayer, check out The Haunteds first 2 albums

    I could go on and Im sure I will think of more after I submit this.

    honorable mention :
    alice in chains (Lane Staley)
    and whoever else I forgot

    If you want to try to argue with me about genres and sub-genres then piss off.

  32. phukstiq says:

    Dont forget Lacuna Coil. Amazing harmony and flow.

  33. phukstiq says:

    Dont forget Pantera! (before the great souther trendkill) awesome!

  34. kourtney says:

    1. Avenged Sevenfold
    2. Cannibal Corpse
    3. Devine Hersay
    4. Despised Icon
    5. Black Veil Brides
    6. Korn
    7. Metallica
    those are the top 7 best metal songs of all time!!!! :)

  35. ivan says:

    >cradle of filth

  36. Rob says:

    1970s – Sabbath, Mountain
    1980s – Slayer, Metallica, Motorhead
    1990s – Pantera, White Zombie, Rage
    2000s – Slayer, Slipknot, August Burns Red

    1970s Mountain? Yeah Mountain, as the gangstas say Step your game up Homie
    1980s No Megadeth? Yeah no MegaDeth……trick question Lemmy is GOD..,
    1990s White Zombie? Perhaps we had better start from the beginning……..
    2000s OK this one needs the most explanation
    Slipknot – Let’s be honest, most people posting on here wouldn’t be if it weren’t for Slipknot’s first album. The first one was Raw and Aggressive, this other shit they have……yeah its pussy shit.

    Where’s Lamb of God? When did the cookie monster join a band, Listen to Dying Fetus – Destroy the Opposition instead.
    Avenged Seven Fold? “Metal” for MetroSexuals, you can listen to them and watch Jersey Shore, or you could listen to Underoath and piss excellance

    If you dont Suck, check out AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHINE, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY and these nuts

    Fuck off
    and for our British freinds………Piss off

  37. Rob says:

    I apologize,

    Dying Fetus Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses) from the album Destroy The Opposition

    if you wanna skip the bs

  38. TheBrain says:

    Metallica is not pure heavy its heavy/trash
    GUYS ! bands like Led Zepellin , Dio , Scorpions , Aerosmith , are not metal !
    PURE HEAVY METAL: Iron Maiden and Judas priest are the legends
    Of course Maiden is still undeniably THE BEST


  39. Ricky says:

    Shove all your shit music where the sun don’t shine and listen to bands like:

    1. Avenged Sevenfold (The best of all time)
    2. Bullet For My Valentine
    3. Rage Against The Machine

    These are a lot better than all your shit.

  40. Lucifer says:

    Check out lucifers crossing. Listen to free music at

  41. Marty Walker says:

    This must be a American site. Do any of you knuckleheads hear of Saxon. Since 1979 they have ruled every stage they play, outplay any band on the bill with them. Mind you I’m not trying to yell at you.
    You guy’s and girls need to pick up their early years music including their new one at the end of May called “Call to Arms”. I can’t believe no one mentions them here. Surely the World is ending soon.

  42. mike says:

    So uhh how bout this list assholes
    1.Black Sabbath
    2.Judas Priest
    3.Iron Maiden
    6.Slayer (Reign in Blood and Seasons in the Abyss)
    10.6 Feet Under
    11.And last but not least the best new THRASH METAL BAND!!! “EVILE!!!”

  43. gus says:

    the black dahlia murder
    suicide silence
    white chapel
    the tony danza tapdance extravaganza
    into the moat
    3 inches of blood
    here comes the kraken
    job for a cowboy
    municipal wastethe number twelve looks like you
    parkway drive
    remembering never
    see you next tuesday
    stick to your guns
    through the eyes of the dead
    waking the cadaver
    winds of plague
    zombies ate my neighbors
    and tons more

  44. HeavyMetaler666 says:

    my bands are mostly

    machine head
    children of bodom
    cradle of flth
    iron maiden

    there is no such thing as the best metal band ever, they’re all great acording to they’re style
    just lsten to what ever you want and dont listen to dick holes who think that the only good bands are the ones they listen too ;)

  45. RotisserieFools says:

    PANTERA. honestly, why has no one even mentioned pantera? geezus.

    my top ten.

  46. Tbaum101 says:

    I just have to say this…The comment that “Metallica is metal for losers” Dude, you are off your rocker. Metallica made Metal what it is today. Without them, Metal as we know it would still be religated to minor labels with little to no exposure. You may be young and not know any better. You may just be trying to sound cool and different but I am here to tell you as someone who has been a metal head since the late 70’s. There is a reason that Metallica is the most successful Metal Band ever. Yes, they have had some crap albums. Who hasn’t?? They came around in an era where they were the vanguard of Thrash. NO ONE played the way they did back then (in the US) Nobody. Kill ‘em All, Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets are masterpieces in their own right. Each one built on the one that came previous to it. Then came …And Justice For All. That was Metal perfection. Technical wizardry. I saw them in Tampa a couple of years ago with Lamb of God and Gojira. And I hate to say it brother but they were blown off the stage. There is a reason they were on the Big 4 Tour. Those 4 bands were innovators along with a few others back then. Everyone else was a bad copy riding their wake. I’ve been going to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal shows since most of you were swimming in your daddy’s nut sack and I am here to tell you they are one of the best shows you will see. I saw them open for Ozzy when they toured for Master, then with Queensryche (another really good band) for And Justice, by themselves for the Black Album and Recently for Death Magnetic with the aforementioned groups. They are better now live than they were then. Give yourself a reality check and don’t dismiss a band because they have been commercially successful. Hell, they play Ozzy at NFL games now. I remember being told I was a devil worshiped because I had a “Tribute” T Shirt. Look to the past for some of the best Metal ever. Don’t dismiss it because it is old or you deem it as not underground enough or too popular.

  47. Drop C says:

    August Burns Red, especially their new album Leveler. I listen and play that for the simple fact that they have one of the greatest guitarist out.
    Devildriver. I listen to that when I’m ready to kill someone. Awesome live.
    Children of Bodom. Straight up nasty riffs.
    Old school Metallica. Greatest solos.
    As I Lay Dying. People around here hate em so I play em to piss everyone off.
    Dethklok. Scares the fuck out of people.
    Pantera. Guaranteed to start a riot anywhere once it’s played.
    All That Remains. Just cause.

  48. qwerwe12 says:

    Slipknot is the best Groove Metal band of all time.

  49. lekid says:

    Just going to throw this out here, mmk, there is no such thing as a best metal band. If you like heavy metal, go listen to Maiden, Judas Priest, metallica, etc. If you like thrash, go listen to some Van Halen, MAB, and likewise artists.
    If you like Metalcore or mainstream metal, BFMV, BMTH, ADTR, or any other bands that include screaming vocals and a whole acronym in their name.
    Death metal: Death, Cannibal Corpse, etc.
    classic rock: boston, journey, foreigner..
    Nu Metal: Slipknot, Korn, likewise artists.
    Symphonic death metal: Cradle of Filth and like artists.
    There is no best metal band. Some bands are better then others, but no one could be the best and take interest by everyone. Unless of course, Eminem turns into a metalhead.

  50. John says:

    If you want some technical deathmetal, check us out. You won’t be disappointed!

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